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Skylight leak repair or replacement

There are as many different style of skylight as there are buildings. Size and shape vary widely; all have some sort of flashing system that forms a water-tight seal — right up until the moment it doesn't!

When it comes to skylights, we begin as your detective. First, we determine where the leak is actually coming from. Some homeowners end up pleasantly surprised to learn that their skylight leak is actually a failure of roof flashing nearby, not the skylight itself. Our complete inspection will ensure the correct repair is made the first time, unlike many firms that simply reseal the skylight gasket and presume they've fixed the problem. If you have discovered a leak, whether it's a drip or a stain, call us and we will locate the source and provide a detailed estimate on the cost of repairing the unit's integrity.

We also offer full skylight replacement. This is often the choice of home and business owners who have taken possession of an older property with a skylight that is simply past its prime. Dingy plastics, cracked glass, or grim fittings can make a skylight an eyesore and many older ones are simply energy hogs because of the amount of sun that penetrates. Thanks to our relationships with all skylight manufacturers, we will easily locate a replacement unit that fits into the existing skylight space without having to re-do the structure's roof. We remove the old skylight, re-flash the opening and install the new one in less than a day in most instances. Contact us for a skylight replacement estimate today.

Skylight Leaks

Skylights come with different flashing systems to achieve a water tight seal. Skylight leaks can be difficult to deal with. Often homeowners will first realize they have a skylight leak a puddle of water on the floor below a skylight or by finding water stained ceilings. Leaking skylights can create costly damage.

Sun Lake's Roofers check the outside flashing of your unit. We pay special attention to the head flashing at the top of the skylight. We also check the sides of the skylight for proper flashing and seal.

Some very popular older skylights basically were made with mistakes since corrected. Many leaks of this type of skylight occurred when water would run between the shingles and the skylight flange. Improper installation, weather and time are also culprits. Granted we are talking about properly resealing the unit between the shingles and flange area not brushing tar all over the sides of the unit. Most of the better and a lot of the newer skylights have metal flashing or a rubber gasket that requires little or no cement to achieve a water tight seal. We will want to make sure these type of units are flashed properly and all gaskets and flashing are secure.

We are the right Roof contractor, we use the best materials to protect your biggest asset - your home.
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