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Los Dos Hombres

Pitched or Flat Roofs, Tile or Shingle Roof Repair, Skylight Repair or Replace, Roof Cool Coating

On-call Handyman

Wish there was someone to call when the faucet starts to drip? Can you repair the hinges on that stubborn shed door, or do you risk breaking them? There's no task too small for our handyman service and we are available 7-days a week to meet all your on-site needs.

Don't let annoying problems and repairs mount up, whether at your home or office. Our rates encourage you to call us to attend to each maintenance problem as it arises, keeping everything running smoothly. Small repairs don't have the chance to become big headaches, saving dollars and aggravation in the long run. In addition to fixing anything and everything, we can provide the preventive maintenance that will extend the life — and enjoyment! — of everything in your home.

Pre-reserve a handyman for seasonal work, too. We are happy to help with the change of seasons at your office or home, and can ensure a smooth transition with all aspects of such a switch timely and in good repair.

Before considering a high-priced specialist, contact our handyman department for a prompt estimate on any repair. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how economical having your own handyman can really be!

We are the right Roof contractor, we use the best materials to protect your biggest asset - your home.
End result... your ultimate peace of mind!